By kind permission of LCI Aviation
What We Do

Since 2003, we have acted for clients ranging from small start-up companies to large multi-national enterprises. Many small companies cannot justify the cost of a specialised aviation in-house lawyer, but still need advice from time to time on difficult legal questions which arise, or on particular contractual issues or projects. The cost of using Air Law Options can easily be justified in terms of the understanding that can be gained of the effect of particular contractual terms and the knowledge of potential pitfalls. In a sense, we can therefore be used as "the in-house lawyer" for the period of the project in hand. For larger companies, we have been able to fill gaps caused by overloading of the company's own legal team, and to give specialist assistance.

The types of matters we have worked on include:

  • Sale and purchase contracts for aircraft and helicopters.
  • Maintenance agreements including PBH schemes.
  • Ground-handling agreements.
  • Aircraft operating leases and related documents.
  • Charter agreements.
  • Engine sales and leasing.
  • General commercial activities.
  • Regulatory matters including traffic rights and EU regulations.